Nothing can be more competitive than healthy—more and more people like going to a nail salon and making a massage. A comfortable and high level pedicure chair is an excellent factor in attracting customers. 

What is a pedicure chair?

Pedicure chair consists of a massage chair and foot massage basin, giving our customers a comfortable and incomparable experience.


The pedicure chair is pipe-free and looks very tidy when you put it in your nail salon. The massage chair meets the practical ergonomic design, which has ample space and can offer a massage service. PU leather chair can add a luxury element, and this leather material is very convenient to clean, use, and sterilize. There is also a service plate for our customers. Here, a client can put an iPhone, snacks, a cup of tea, or something else.


The foot massage base is so luxurious. It is with a glass bowl or crystal bowl and an LED lamp. Put your feet in warm water for a spa treatment, and you will feel very relaxed. A support rack is designed in front of a pedicure chair, where you can rest their feet on it, and it can sweep away the tiredness.

These spa chairs also take into account the needs of different customers. Some chairs are equipped with magnetic pumps or basins and adjustable footrests to elevate customer comfort. We hope that customers can feel relaxed in the nail salon, and it is the best and perfect experience.


Pedicure chair has many colors for you to choose from. White and black are preferred for our customers. Different colors and designs can match your decorating style.

How much does a pedicure chair cost?

The price of this pedicure chair ranges from $730 to $2000. Based on different functions, materials, a pedicure chair charges differently. 

According to our market studies, the following two pedicure chairs are best-selling in America. 

As you can see, this pipeless pedicure chair has a beautiful appearance. Its crystal basin adopts unique materials, which are very durable. The high-quality PU materials are very soft and comfortable when people get in touch with this pedicure chair. If you want to sleep, you can adjust it to a low inclination degree and rest.

Relx RX01 Foot Spa White Pedicure Chair

Top Chair :

1. Multi-function Shiatsu massage with multiple controls. Kneading, tapping, flapping, rolling up and down.

2. Massage track from neck to waist position, vibration massage in seat position.

3. Solid wood armrest and foldable trays assembled with a strong supporter, which can bear 20kgs max.

4. Lifting armrest for easy access.

5. Anti-hydrolysis PU leather chair cover with diamond stitch. You can choose acetone-resistant Leather as well.

6. Remote bag is on the right side of the backrest.

7. Easy installation with backoff device for the backrest. Forward, backward, recline.

Bottom Foot Tub

1. Fiberglass base with crystal bowl or textured iridescent glass bowl.

2. Pipe-less jet for whirlpool massage. It creates a relaxing spa experience.

3. Led light with changing colors.

4. Discharged pump and magnet pump are optional.

5. UV surface treatment for acetone-proof.

6. Completed drainage system and washing units.

7.The top chair and foot tub are well-arranged before delivery.

You can assemble the chair and foot tub with prepared pins and screws.

The above pedicure chair has a crystal basin with a high appearance level. For the bowl, you can choose a glass bowl as well. This product will cost you appropriately $1200.

Two Arms Sliding Luxury Spa Pedicure Chair

1.Human touch shiatsu massage including kneading, airbag massage in shoulder+arms; tapping, flapping, rolling up and down;

2. Automatic power incline and recline, control fixed on the arm;

3. Two sliding armrests (forward and backward);

4. Hydrolyzed and durable leather, falt pillow, and cover with diamond stitch. You can choose acetone-resistant leather as well.

5. Base part, fiberglass with UV coated( car painting technology) for the base, pull out spray;

7. Crystal bowl or glass bowl, capacity: 4.5 US gal

8. Electrical: whirlpool magnetic jet, drain pump;

9. Complete water in and out system for spa salon;

10. Easy to assemble.

    The pedicure chair looks luxurious and copies a comfortable chair’s design. It has broad space, and you can lay down at random. This product will cost you appropriately $1392. Suppose you are an owner of a pedicure shop and want to expand your salon scale. This kind of luxury pedicure massage chair is the perfect solution for you because it can improve your decoration taste and bring a perfect experience for your customer.

Are you looking for pedicure furniture equipment?

Relx furniture has been specialized in manufacturing and selling pedicure chairs for over 12 years. And we provide the best salon essentials for your needs at an affordable price. The pedicure spa chair is an essential equipment and furniture for a nail salon. It will make your clients feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment.

Our company’s pedicure chairs are impressive with remarkable design, and comfortable chairs provide an excellent relaxation experience. If you have any questions about pedicure spa chairs, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. You are also welcome to order in a large number. Yes, we offer some discounts for large orders.