Many people are not sure what is a pipeless pedicure chair. Pipeless means the pedicure chairs without any pipes? NO. Actually, a pipeless pedicure chair means that the whirlpool jet doesn’t use any pipes to work. 

But still with plumbing. We need to install a magnetic pump and magnetic (pipeless) jet for the pipeless function.

 In general, a “portable” or “no-plumbing” pedicure chair is a pedicure chair without plumbing (no drainage or water supply). If you are looking for a no plumbing chair, this is the one for you.

Most of the chairs on the market are pipe pedicure chairs. This type of chair looks very fashionable and convenient, and it will bring different experiences and feelings to your customers.

Advantages of a pipeless pedicure chair

1. Easy to operate and clean

We highly recommend putting the liner in the bowl so that the clients will feel comfortable and relaxed on the foot spa. 

You can remove the liner and clean and disinfect the magnetic pump cover when the massage is over. The bowl is spotless, don’t worry about the bacteria inside, as we put a liner in the bowl. That means we don’t need too much time to clean it and this will save us a lot of time and energy.

2. Comfortable

Every customer wants the foot spa environment to be clean and safe. If the disposable plastic liner covers the basin, it will significantly reduce the bacterial infection of the feet. 

The pedicures are done on a bacteria-free surface. Here are the tips :

–When the surface is complete, the liner is pierced and drained. 

–The liner will be removed and deposited in a sealed container. 

— Finally, take a little time to clean and disinfect the bowl and jets.

–We take every precaution to ensure a very sterile environment for our clients.

With a pipeless pedicure chair, you can enjoy a foot spa and pedicures while preventing germs from reaching your next client through a bowl. Of course, this is one of the factors that attract our customers. 

3. Easy maintenance.

The pipe pedicure chair bowl has a relatively long life, and the bowl, spare parts are easy to maintain.

4. Various styles

 The pipeless pedicure chair comes with a human hair massage on the back and a foot spa massage, allowing you to relax your back and feet fully.

A pedicure chair is an essential piece of furniture in the nail salon, which can help you attract more customers. Therefore, choosing a suitable pedicure chair for your salon is essential.

Our company Relx furniture produces high-quality pedicure spa chairs with a luxury design or modern design at a reasonable price. We accept custom orders, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas.

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