Pedicure chairs are necessary furniture for spa and nail salons. Of course, beauty salons also need pedicure chairs, which is also a necessary tool. Most beauty salons prefer to use pedicure chairs to provide clients with a comfortable back massage, while the manicurist can do a pedicure.

There are many brands of pedicure chairs on the market, and the quality is also uneven. It is essential to choose the right pedicure chair for your salon.

We know that the comfort of a chair can affect the satisfaction of your customers, so choosing a chair with a back massage, comfortable leather, magnetic jet, and other functions is your winning formula. Anti-acetone PU Leather is the best choice because it feels comfortable and easy to clean. The chair should have recline from 115 to 135 Degrees and adjustable armrests and footrests. Other features make the spa experience more comfortable for clients, such as a back massage, tray, and ventilation system.

Pipeless pedicure chair

The pipeless pedicure chair means the pedicure chair with magnetic Jet, and you need to put a plastic liner in the bowl when you work. It is clean and hygienic while making customers feel very comfortable, without worrying about bacterial infection. You can find the best pipeless pedicure chair at Relx furniture and choose the functions that suit you. Whether with magnetic jets, ventilation systems, and other modern functions, Relx furniture can meet your requirements. With such an excellent pedicure massage chair, your clients will simultaneously make the pedicure and a back massage, making a relaxing and wonderful experience.

Relx RX11 Pink Peiducre Chair

Back Massage function

Yes, the best pedicure chairs must have human touch massage functions. (sometimes we call shiatsu massage). These chairs are a bit more expensive but well worth the investment. This feature lets customers enjoy a back massage while having a foot massage and pedicure. Relx furniture pedicure chairs are all equipped with human touch massage function. Of course, if you have a limited budget, you can contact us to customize kneading massage pedicure chairs.

Relx RX03 Human Touch Massage Pedi Chair Black Color

Other features of the pedicure chair

The manicure tray and the pedicure stool are optional, allowing the technician to work more efficiently. Many customers also choose a ventilation system, which can keep the smell of nail polish or horrible smell away from your clients. Of course, this is not a mandatory item. There are also three options for the bowl, and the drain pump can be selected according to your needs.

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