Relx RA1007 Split King Adjustable Bed
Relx RA1007 Adjustable Bed Split King
Relx RA1007 Split King Adjustable Bed Base

Relx RA1007 Split King Adjustable Bed Frame


Product name Relx RA1007 Split King Adjustable Bed Frame
Package 1ctn/pcs
Gross Weight 70-120KG
Fabric Color Various Colors Available
Size Single/Twin/Queen/King/Cal King or Custom
Voltage 110V-120V/220V-240V,50Hz/60Hz
Features 1. Okin Motor.

2. Allows The Head To Be Adjusted Up to 65°and The Foot Up to 45°

3. With Back Massage and Leg Massage. (optional)

4. Foot Retainer Bar is Designed to Hold the Mattress in Place.

5. Free Combination of Adjustable bed base & Bed Frame & Bed Board & Mattress. (optional)

6. Led Lights: LED underneath Lighting Provides an Extra Night Light to Light the Way During the Night.

7. Wireless Remote Control Provides a User-Friendly Experience When Adjusting Sleep Position Setting.

8. Standard Functions: Zero Gravity/Flat Position/Back Up/Back Down/Leg Up/Led Down. (optional)

9. Pro Functions: Memory/Led Light/Zero Gravity/Back Up/Back Down/Flat Position/TV Mode/Leg Up/Leg Down/Anti Snore/Reading Mode, USB(optional)

10.USB (optional)

11. Adjustable bed leg height can be customized.

12. Wall Hugger: sliding metal frame design, keep no gap between back and mattress, when moves up & down. (optional)

Motor Details OKIN Motor–Each Adjustable Bed Starts with a Core Component and is Powered by an Almost Silent Okin Motor. The System Enables Your Bed Moves Quietly and Effortlessly Into The Positions and Designed to Support The Key Areas of Your Body.

Load Capacity: Head/Foot Up and Down: 6000N

Standard Certification:CE,TUV,ROHS,UL,CE-EMC,CE-LVD

Speed: 6mm/s Standard

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1. Are you a Furniture factory?
Yes. We are a furniture manufacturer specializing in intelligent furniture such as adjustable beds, recliner chairs, and pedicure chairs.

2. Can I order a sample to test the quality?
Yes, we can accept sample orders or trial orders.

3. Can you give me a discount if I order a large quantity?
Generally speaking, the more quantity you order, the lower the price. Please communicate with us for details, and we’ll be happy to give you the best price within your budget.
Email:[email protected]

4. Can you accept custom orders?
Yes, we provide customized service for customers. Please provide us with some technical data such as dimensions and colors.

5. Can you print our logo on the product?
Yes, Please provide us the logo information when you place the order.

6. How long will the adjustable bed be produced?
A: Generally, it takes 20~35 days. It depends on your order quantity and the production schedule.

7. What is the deposit for my order?
A: We accept T/T, 40% deposit,60% balance before shipping.

8: What delivery terms can you accept?
A:We can accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW,DDP,DDU,Express Delivery.

9. How does an adjustable bed base work?
The adjustable bed frame is controlled with remote control, and its design is ergonomic. That is why it is so popular. If you want to adjust the height of the adjustable bed, It is very easy and convenient, and you just need to press a button.

10. Are adjustable bed, adjustable base, and adjustable bed frames all the same thing?
Yes. Adjustable beds, adjustable bases, and adjustable bed frames are the same things. Some people call them a different name, but they are the same thing.

11. Are adjustable beds good for our health?
Studies have shown that adjustable beds can help relieve stress by adjusting the height of the bed to relax your back. It helps improve blood circulation, allowing you to sleep more comfortably. Some adjustable beds also have a vibration massage function, which can relieve discomfort in your back or feet, relax your whole body and improve sleep.

12. Who can use an adjustable bed?
If you have trouble sleeping, an adjustable bed is a good solution. It will make you feel more comfortable while sleeping. Adjustable beds are not just for the elderly at home, injured patients, etc., but everyone in our family. It’s becoming more and more common and even a necessity for us.

13. Will your factory produce mattresses that go with adjustable beds?
Yes, Our factory produces the corresponding mattresses, such as memory foam, innerspring, or hybrid mattresses of different sizes.

14. What is a split king adjustable bed frame?
A split king adjustable bed frame is a good solution for couples who have different needs for sleeping. If one needs to adjust the height to read a book on the bed, another partner is sleeping, which will not affect each other. That means a split adjustable bed can achieve the personalized independence of each other.


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