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RX12 Pink Pedicure Spa Chair with Ventilation System

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Product name Relx RX12 Pink Pedicure Spa Chair with Ventilation System
Package 2ctns/pcs
Gross Weight 100kg
Color Various Colors Available
Materials High-quality PU Leather or Anti-acetone PU Leather
Voltage 110V-120V/220V-240V,50Hz/60Hz
Certification CE/ ROHS /ETL/ ISO 9001

Certificate of Design Patent

Certificate of Utility Model Patent

Features of Chair 1. High-Quality PU Leather /Anti-acetone PU Leather. (optional)

2. A Variety Of Styles Can Be Customized Freely, Such As Pillow, Movable Armrest, Back Cover, etc.

3. Support Slid Forward And Backward, Support Recline From 115 to 135 Degrees.

4. The Load-bearing Capacity Of The Tray Is 20-30kg.

5. Wire Remote / Fixed Remote. (optional)

6. Massage Type: 3D Human Touch Massage / Kneading Massage. (optional)

7. Seat: Vibration.

8. Logo: Embroidery.

Features of base 1. Made Of Reinforced Fiberglass And UV Paint Finish.

2. The Crystal Bowl Is 4.5 US GAL.

3. Water Injection Sensor Available.

4. Single Or Multicolor LED Light Customization.

5. Two Kinds Of Jets Optional, Standard Pipeless Jet Or ANS Magnetic Jet.

6. One Piece or Three-Piece Footrest.

7. Ventilation System Customization.

8. Spray & Spout Shower Spray.

9. Crystal bowl/Glass bowl/ Die Cast Glass Bowl.(optional)

10. Drain pump 1.5m or Drain pump 5m.(optional)

11. Pedicure Stool. (optional)

Guarantee 1 year


Q: How long has your factory been in the salon furniture industry?

A: We started manufacturing pedicure chairs in 2008, and now we have over 12 years of experience in this field, with the R&D dept, and offer ODM& OEM service.

Q: Why should I purchase pedicure chairs from RelxFurniture?

A: Relxfurniture is a professional, original manufacturer and wholesaler of pedicure chairs for pedicure spas and salons worldwide, with the lowest prices. Our products are exported worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries, and we have the best customer support in the industry.

With various colors, styles, and sizes to select, Our pedicure chairs can be coordinated with salon interior, decor, equipment, or furniture to meet all your needs.

Q: What kind of materials are for pedicure chairs?

A: High-quality resin, fiberglass, acetone resistant leather, massage mechanism for high-quality pedicure chair.

Q: What is the MOQ for pedicure chairs order?

A: We accept the trial order or sample order for 1pcs. Of course, we also accept retail and wholesale orders, you can ask us for details.

Q: I found that your prices for pedicure chairs are the best. Why?

A: We are a trustworthy manufacturer. That means we are a supplier of pedicure chairs and can provide the lowest price to our customers.

Q: Can I choose colors for my pedicure chair?

A: Yes, the PU leather and base color are optional. Please confirm the colors with us before placing the orders. For PU leather, we have two options. One is standard high-quality PU, and another one is acetone-resistant leather.

Q: Can I make my logo on the chair?

A: Yes, we can embroider your logo on the chair’s leather. We will confirm the details with you when you place the order.

Q: How long will the pedicure chair be produced?

A: Generally, it takes 20~35 days. It depends on your order quantity and the production schedule.

Q: What is the deposit for my order?

A: 40% deposit to start working on your order, and 60% balance is collected before shipping.

Q: What forms of payment does Relx furniture accept?

A: We accept all major payment types, such as T/T, Money Gram, Western Union.

Q: What delivery terms can you accept?

A:We can accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW,DDP,DDU,Express Delivery

Q: Do you offer discounts for large purchases?

A: Absolutely! Please Email us for more details, and we’ll be happy to work within your budget to give you the best price possible. Our Email address:[email protected]

Q: How much are the shipping fees?

A: Please advise your order quantity and exact address to us. We will check with our shipping agent and get back to you within 24 hours.

Q: What is your Return Policy?

A: 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you find any quality problems when receiving the product, please send us an email immediately and explain the relevant situation. You can also provide us with some photos and videos. Our quality department and the after-sales department will solve the problem for you within 24 hours. RelxFurniture has perfect after-sales service.

Q: How long is the warranty service?

A: All pedicure chairs come with a full manufacturer’s warranty. One-year warranty, Normal wear and tear, and man-made damaged are not included. Please take pictures or video of the broken part and email us if something goes wrong with the chair during the warranty service. Our technical department will check it and send the accessory to fix.

Q: Can I make my mold for the pedicure tub?

A: Yes, we can make molds according to your design and requirements. The mold cost is about US$3,000, and the mold manufacturing time is about 30-40 days.

Q: Does my pedicure chair need to be bolted to the floor? 

A: Not usually. Ensure the floor surface is smooth and the pedicure spa chair is securely balanced on the floor, and make sure the pedicure chair base is stable.


Q: What kind of assembly is needed for a pedicure chair?

A: The pedicure chair will come to you with two boxes containing the base and the chair. They are easy to assemble. Just bolt the chair to the base simply.

Q: How does the spa drain?

A: The tub drains are similar to a standard household bathtub. The drain on most spas can go straight down through the floor, out the back of the chair. If it may need to drain uphill, you need to require a drain pump.

Q:What is the purpose of the drain pump? 

A: You may not need a drain pump if you have a floor drain or gravity drain (where water can drain downhill).

However, you will need a drain pump if your plumbing is above the ground or in a wall, and you need to drain the water from the tub uphill (such as a washing machine). The drain pump will drain the water from the tub and send it to the drain-source by pressing a button. We have two drain pumps for you to choose from, one is a 1.5M drain pump, and the other is an enhanced 5M drain pump. 

Q: How does the hot and cold water hook up to the pedicure chairs?

A: Pedicure chairs hook up like a household washing machine. They have a hot and cold-water line, and most pedicure chairs come with 1/2″ fittings.

Q: What are the featured options for pedicure chairs?

A: There are endless options for pedicure spa chairs, and you can choose the configuration according to your requirements. Most pedicure chairs feature pipeless jets, magnetic jets (if using pedicure tub liners), shiatsu massage, LED lights, bases, crystal bowls,or glass bowls. Some chairs are equipped with airbag massage, head massage, etc. Chairs come with soft, durable leatherette that is acetone resistant, and you can also match a pedicure stool( technician stool) with the same color. Please read the features of each unit to determine which spa chair is the best for you.

Q: What is a power seat?

A: The pedicure chair seat automatically moves forward, backward, and reclines by the push of a button or with remote control.

Q: What is shiatsu or human touch massage?

A: It is multiple wheels or balls that gently roll up & down the back parallel to the spine. A combination of kneading, knocking, flapping, rolling, tapping and percussion gives your customers a fantastic massage experience.

Q: Can I choose another massage method for my pedicure chair?

A: Yes, We have another choice of massage method- kneading massage, which is cheaper than human touch massage.


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